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The following are comments from our former students. Some are for classroom and some are for in-car lessons.

For privacy reasons, I have removed the names of the instructor and the student

This is my favorite, so I am putting it first.

I have an anxiety disorder and had been putting off getting my license for quite some time. If (My Instructor) hadn't been my instructor,

I honestly don't think I would have ever learned how to drive.

He was extremely patient, understanding and full of knowledge. He answered all and any questions I had with solid and t

hought-out answers, and addressed any concerns with deliberate consideration and a smile. I will be forever grateful to (My Instructor) for allowing me to break through this barrier of anxiety and not only learn how to drive, but also how to enjoy driving.

Thank you, sincerely!

Great Teacher, great stories, very funny, highly recommend

Knew his stuff. Had great stories, strongly recommend

Did great. Also had a lot of fun

I would recommend it.

You were great

Great mix of lecturing/doing it yourself, allows self responsibility. In depth slides. 10 out of 10

He made the course entertaining, but still educational

Can you please let both the in class and in car driving instructors know that we were extremely happy with both of them. 

(My Son) was comfortable with both of them. I was impressed the car instructor showed up to the house on time every time.

We will gladly recommend them in the future 

(My Instructor) was great! Very good experience and very helpful!


(My Instructor) made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. Never once did I feel judged or demeaned.

(My Instructor) was quick with praise with a job well done and had constructive criticism when needed as well.

I will recommend (My Instructor) and Airdrie Driving School with every opportunity I get.