A Lady Gets Stopped By The Police. 

Sent to us Donna J. Thanks.

A Lady gets stopped by the Police.
    "Did you know that you were only going 16 kms. an hour?", Asks the Policeman.
    "Of course I knew that", says the woman, "That's the posted speed limit. I always follow the
speed limit."
    "Madam", Says the Policeman, "That is not the posted speed limit, That is the Highway number,
You are on highway number 16."
The woman was practically speechless. "Oh", was all that she could utter.
    Just about this time the Policeman looks a the lady's passenger. A little wizened old man who looked as white as a ghost.
    "What's wrong with him", Asked the Policeman?
    Finally, the woman found her voice. "Oh, He'll be all right in a few minutes", assurs the woman, "We just came off of highway 220.